45 years of experience generating comprehensive solutions for the health sector.

We are the sum of two cooperatives. We are Manufacturers and Distributors of solutions for improving people's quality of life.

The divisions that form part of Bexen

Commitment We guide the customer every step of the way, from listening to solution itself, keeping to the agreement.
Trust We ensure the expectations of our customers by offering a close and referential service.
Adaptability Our complete knowledge of the value chain allows us to exercise more efficient and complete management.
Achievement As well as covering the needs of the market, our team goes one step further in order to search for new solutions and alternative, innovative responses.
Bexen across
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Through a solid network of partners present in more than 100 countries, spanning the continents of Europe, Africa, EMEA, Asia and South America.

Do you need help to promote your project? Our 45 years of expertise applied to your needs.

We have a long history of working closely with our customers, complying with the most demanding health regulations. Our presence throughout the value chain sets us apart as a unique partner.

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We are
cooperative members
10.6M€ Total income
81 Cooperatives
12 R&D centres
70.000k People

We belong to the MONDRAGON Corporation, a leading group in the Basque Country and tenth in the world rankings of Spain's leading companies, with production and commercial plants spread over five continents.

Comprising autonomous and independent cooperatives built around four business areas: Finance, Industry, Distribution and Knowledge.

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