Preservation of biological samples and medication

Management and storage of Biological Samples and Thermolabile Medication

Management and storage

Security for your biological samples and medication

Inventory monitored and updated
Controls the level of stock in real time.
Cold chain guaranteed and can be viewed at any time
Controlled temperature to guarantee optimum conditions for each type of sample.
Parallel Bank
Custody of high-value duplicate samples in locations physically different to the original locations.
Latest generation equipment
Innovative technology patented with Stirling motor for storage at ultra-low temperatures with a temperature range from -20 ºC to -86 ºC.

Emergency Back-Up

Reinforces security of the research and developments in gene and cell therapies

Diagnosis and design Design and implementation of ad hoc emergency plans.
Secure storage Reserve storage space at temperature required for immediate transfer in the event of an emergency.
Fleet of vehicles and equipment Equipos de última tecnología Stirling con rango de temperatura de -20°C a -86°C y flota de vehículos adaptados a las temperaturas requeridas.
Qualified Professional Emergency team prepared and qualified for comprehensive 24/7 service, 365 days a year.
Our facilities adapted to your requirements The Hernani Biorepository consists of 360 m2 adapted to provide a full service for the storage and preservation of biological samples and thermolabile medication.
Deep-freezing chamber Equipment with latest technology. Range -20º to -86 ºC
chamber -20 ºC
chamber -20 ºC
18.9M doses of thermolabile medication
4.4M biological samples
ISO 9001 ISO 14001
GDP Authorised medicine warehouse

Fully adapted to any type of biological sample

Broad range of storage temperatures.


The quality of our products and services forms part of our DNA. We comply with strict standards in order to always achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

We are backed by ISO certification 9001:2015, Quality Management System, ISO certification 13485:2016, Quality Management System of Healthcare Products, awarded by the AEMPS and certificate ISO 14001: 2015, Environmental Management System, awarded by AENOR.


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