Reanibex 300

The Reanibex 300 defibrillator is a compact, portable defibrillator with a large display. Two operating modes available: Semi-automatic and Manual.

AED With Manual Override Option

The Reanibex 300 Manual is portable, lightweight, and compact, with all the necessary features for responding to cardiac arrest situations.

The user can switch between AED and Manual modes. In Manual mode, the user controls the entire defibrillation procedure, and the Reanibex 300 provides no indications about whether a shock is required or not.

Main Features

Biphasic up to 360 J with manual override

Universal AED algorithm for adult and paediatric patients

Large high-resolution 5.7" colour display

Weight: 2.9 kg (with battery)

Overall unit dimensions (width × length × height): 29.0 cm × 24.5 cm × 10 cm

Excellent protection against dust and splashes (IP55)

80 mm thermal printer, 3 channels


In AED mode, the device analyses the ECG signal. It performs defibrillation if necessary, guiding the user throughout the intervention protocol. The Reanibex 300 provides audio prompts, on-screen instructions, and CPR guidance. It has a built-in metronome to act as a guide in achieving the correct rate while performing compressions and an indicator to provide information about cardiac massage quality.

In Manual Defibrillator mode, the user interprets the ECG rhythm, decides whether defibrillation is needed, charges the preselected energy and performs the shock. This shock is delivered using disposable pads.

Push-pad device for error-free CPR. The rescuer applies the push-pad device to the patient's back, and performs chest compressions. The device collects information about the frequency and depth of compressions the rescuer provides to the patient and sends it to the Reanibex 300. The Reanibex 300 displays this information and tells the rescuer whether to perform the compressions faster or slower, deeper or shallower.

This mode provides a non-diagnostic display of lead II via the 3-lead patient cable. In ECG mode, the shock capability is disabled.

Using the Training Kit, a defibrillator normally used for real emergency applications can be converted into a training unit. The unit has a special built-in rechargeable training battery and a charger. It is an ideal solution for learning how to use the defibrillator in different scenarios.

Data Transfer


The user can transfer patient data by Bluetooth from the Reanibex 500 EMS to any mobile device with the Android Reanibex Data Link app installed. After transfer to the mobile device, the user can view the patient data or send it to the cloud for further analysis.

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