Bexen Cardio Joins the Basque Electromedical Technology Forum in a Strategic Agreement

Bexen Cardio has signed a partnership agreement with the Basque Electromedical Technology Forum, marking a milestone in promoting and developing electromedical technology. This agreement strengthens Bexen Cardio’s commitment to healthcare and medical technology innovation.

Bexen Cardio and the Basque Electromedical Technology Forum (EEF) have signed a major agreement that establishes a strategic partnership that will promote progress and dissemination of knowledge in the field of electromedical technology. The signing took place on 2nd November 2023 in Bilbao between EEF chairman Juan Karlos Martín Alcalde and Bexen Cardio CEO Oxel Etxebarria Etxagibel.

The agreement makes Bexen Cardio a Sponsor Partner, committing to actively contribute to the support and development of the Association for two years.

For its part, Bexen Cardio undertakes to share the Association’s objectives, collaborate in its work and achieve its goals, with the right to speak at its Assembly meetings. The Company also undertakes not to use this status for personal ends but to focus on supporting the Forum’s initiatives. Además, la empresa se compromete a no utilizar esta condición para fines personales, enfocándose en respaldar las iniciativas del Foro.

In turn, the Basque Electromedical Technology Forum commits to working in partnership with its members to promote relevant projects, surveys and initiatives in the field of electromedical technology both locally and internationally. It will also organise events, conferences and seminars to promote awareness and adoption of techniques related to this field and disseminate valuable technical and scientific information for the development of electromedical technology.

This strategic alliance promotes progress in the research, development and application of electromedicine in healthcare. Both bodies are committed to transparency and knowledge sharing. They will collaborate to boost progress in electromedical technology, providing mutual support and contributing to sustainable growth in this field.

With the signing of this agreement, Bexen Cardio reaffirms its commitment to innovation in medical technology and particularly its contribution to significant progress in electromedical technology, strengthening collaboration and synergies between both bodies for the benefit of the Basque Country’s health and technology sector.

Date of publication: 18/08/2023

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