Advanced applications for managing and transferring data from our defibrillators

To provide a complete service for our customers that covers all their needs, our product range includes applications to transfer and manage the data collected by our defibrillators.

Reanibex Data Net

Web application for continuous monitoring of defibrillators. It also provides status change alerts from the unit and its accessories, geolocation, configuration, software updates and visualisation of test results and episodes (the latter is optional).

Reanibex 100

Reanibex USB Sync

Desktop application to synchronise the Reanibex 100 defibrillator with the Reanibex Data Net web application over a USB connection.

This synchronisation transfers information between the defibrillator and the Reanibex Data Net app for configuration changes, updates and data transfers.

Reanibex 100

Reanibex NFC Reader

Mobile app to check the status of the defibrillator and its accessories without a desktop computer connection (Android devices only).

Reanibex 100

Reanibex Data Manager

A desktop computer application that displays the ECG signal data together with audio, trends in the different monitored parameters, and events during the intervention. You can use the program to annotate the data with extra details about the intervention and fill out basic data entry forms.

Reanibex 300 Reanibex 500 EMS Reanibex 700 Reanibex 800

Reanibex Data Link

Mobile application for Android devices that can send 12 ECG leads, biometric parameters of the modules available on the unit, patient data, and interpretation data collected by a Reanibex unit (with Bluetooth module) for later viewing on a mobile device.

Reanibex 500 EMS Reanibex 800

Reanibex Data Cloud

A Web application that enables real-time remote access to data obtained during an episode occurring in a location with no mobile signal. It can also export the data to a PDF file.

Among the data you can display are: 12 ECG leads, the biometric parameters of the modules available in the unit, patient data, and interpretation data.

Reanibex 500 EMS Reanibex 800
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