Creating Cardio-protected spaces

Cardio-respiratory arrest: a problem in need of a solution

Out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary arrest is a real problem, with an average survival rate of 10%. The cardio-respiratory arrest survival rate drops by 10% every minute

30.000 Deaths a year
6 Minutes to act

Feel Cardio protected

Defibrillators Operating 24 hours Our Reanibex 100 defibrillator has built-in communications functionality to keep it geolocated and monitored 24 hours a day.

Always operational and with innovative features, our goal is to make the user's task easier during a real emergency.
Building Communities We build communities of trained people. We offer Basic Life Support (BLS) and defibrillator training. Beginner and refresher courses by approved training providers customised for the legislation in each of Spain's regions.
Rapid Response Our Reanibex Alert mobile app alerts the rescuer community when there's a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Purpose: To provide support to the people assisting the victim in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) actions and inform emergency services about where the victim is located.

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Basic Solution

Our basic solution includes the Reanibex 100 defibrillator with accessories.

Outstanding Features
Advice and customised offer Supply of basic Reanibex 100 defibrillator with accessories Use of Reanibex Data Net, Reanibex USB Sync and Reanibex NFC Reader applications Technical support service Liability insurance
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Advanced Solution

This solution provides a comprehensive set of services for greater efficiency in critical situations. Perfect for more complex or crowded environments.

Outstanding Features
Everything included in the Basic Solution Mobile data signal strength survey and definition of locations Reanibex 100 defibrillator with communications and geolocation Installation and registration of the cardioprotection system Preventive maintenance 24-hour monitoring On-site training
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Total Cardioprotection

Our most complete solution, for comprehensive cardiac protection. Includes advanced services, outreach campaign, specialised training, setting up a trained-user community and systematic implementation of the solution using the Reanibex Alert app.

Outstanding Features
Everything included in the Advanced Solution Corrective maintenance Rapid defibrillator replacement in the event of breakdown or theft Collection and forwarding of episodes to the competent authorities Access to the online training platform Reanibex Alert application Outreach service
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Basic Advanced Total

Advice and customised offer in compliance with regulations
Our cardioprotection consultants specialise in providing advice and customised offers in compliance with current regulations. Our customer-focused approach provides solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring regulatory compliance and maximum efficiency in the implementation of cardioprotection measures.
Mobile data coverage analysis and definition of defibrillator locations

Our specialist technicians carry out a review of the space to be cardioprotected to strategically define the defibrillator locations. This approach ensures that the devices are positioned at strategic points, minimising response time in the event of cardiorespiratory arrest.

They also carry out a mobile data coverage analysis to ensure continuous monitoring of communications-enabled defibrillators.

Supply of defibrillator model Reanibex 100 and accessories.

The Reanibex 100 defibrillator is designed to enable non-professional users to provide fast and effective first aid to cardiorespiratory arrest victims.

An Aivia 100 display case is provided to wall-mount the defibrillator. A display case with visual and acoustic alarms.

Includes approved photoluminescent signage to indicate the location of the defibrillator.

And a complete kit for applying CPR. The kit consists of disposable CPR mask, razor, latex gloves, stainless steel scissors and an alcohol wipe for disinfection and cleaning.

Communications using Sigfox or Wi-Fi and geolocation.
Using Sigfox or Wi-Fi communications, the defibrillator sends alerts about changes in the status of the unit and its accessories, along with its geolocation. This ensures that the defibrillator's location is known and that it is operational at all times.
Emergency telephone call device
To comply with legislation in different jurisdictions, there is an external device to the defibrillator for calls to emergency services.
Reanibex USB Sync
To comply with legislation in different jurisdictions, there is a device external to the defibrillator for calls to emergency services.
Reanibex Data Net
Web application for defibrillator monitoring. It sends alerts about the status of the unit and its accessories (pads and battery), software updates, the unit's configuration, and test results and enables the user to view and download reports about real episodes in PDF format.
Add other manufacturers' defibrillators to Reanibex Data Net
For easier management, users can monitor all their defibrillators on the same platform. Users can enter information about other manufacturers' defibrillators and accessories to receive status change alerts for all installed units.
Reanibex NFC Reader (Android)
Mobile application to check the status of the REANIBEX 100 and its accessories without a desktop computer. For Android devices only.

Cardioprotection system installation
Once our technicians have analysed the space to be cardioprotected, they install the cardioprotection system. From careful selection of strategic locations thorough to unit connection and configuration, we guarantee an efficient implementation.
Cardioprotection system registration

Once the defibrillator is installed, we register the cardioprotection system with the health authorities as required by regulations.

On-site preventive maintenance

Our specialist technicians will visit your premises at least once a year to carry out an on-site review of the cardioprotection system. After each review, we provide a detailed report of the results.

In addition to the complete system evaluation, we update the defibrillator software to the latest version, and upgrade the defibrillator to comply with cardiopulmonary resuscitation protocols in international guidelines.

Corrective maintenance

If any defibrillator malfunction is detected, we carry out the repair as part of our standard service.

24-hour monitoring

If any defibrillator malfunction is detected, we carry out the repair as part of our standard service.

Replacement of consumables

When the supplied defibrillator pads have been used in an actual event or have reached their expiry date, or when the battery is depleted, we will replace them.

We manage consumables proactively to ensure that the defibrillator is always equipped with pads and batteries in an optimal state to ensure an effective response.

Technical support service for incidents and breakdowns

As the manufacturer of the supplied defibrillators, we provide a guaranteed specialist technical support service to deal with any incident or breakdown. Our highly-trained team is available to provide fast and efficient support, ensuring continued operability of the devices.

Rapid replacement in the event of breakdown or theft

In the event of a defibrillator breakdown or theft, our commitment is immediate: we ship a new defibrillator within 24 hours. This rapid response minimises time without defibrillation coverage and ensures continuous cardioprotection of the space.

Collection and forwarding of episodes to the competent authorities

As required by regulations, following the actual use of a defibrillator we upload and collect data from the device to be sent to the health authorities.

Civil liability insurance cover of €6 million

We offer a civil liability insurance policy with a cover of €6 million, providing peace of mind and financial support in case of any eventuality or incident related to our services or products.

On-site training

We offer training on Basic Life Support (BLS) and using a defibrillator. We offer beginner and refresher courses of Basic Life Support (BLS) and defibrillator training for the development of trained communities. Beginner and refresher Those courses are taught by homologated training providers, customised for the regulation in each region of Spain.

Online training

All attendees to our on-site training have exclusive access to our Reanibex Training online platform. This resource allows them to review concepts and keep up-to-date with the latest guideline recommendations, providing a continuous and accessible learning experience.

Reanibex Alert application

Our Reanibex Alert mobile app alerts the rescuer community in the event of a cardiorespiratory arrest.

Reanibex Alert application

We conduct an outreach campaign adapted to the specific needs of each cardioprotected context. Our aim is to raise awareness about the importance of cardioprotection, publicise the project and recruit volunteers for training.

Active communication with the trainee community

We keep in active contact with the members of our community to keep them up-to-date about new projects, application updates, news on international recommendations, and other changes.

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