Manufacturers of Healthcare Material since 1978

Our proposal is to cover the needs of the health sector and improve the quality of life of patients.
Healthcare material from Bexen Medical
We are Manufacturers

At Bexen Medical we have been manufacturing and marketing healthcare material since 1978 with the aim of covering the needs of the health sector.

+ 1.000 m2 of white rooms Class ISO 7 specially designed for the manufacture of healthcare material.

The Team, specialised in health sector regulations, helps adapt the product to the current needs and regulations throughout the different markets.

Wide range of products backed by the most demanding certifications.

Our products are found in recognised health centres all over the country.

Quality service to the customer
Human Team We are a team of more than 110 people who provide daily support for any need.
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24-48 hours delivery Delivery period of 24-48 hours, we give agile and fast responses.
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7,000 m2 of storage space Logistic plants with automated processes that allow us to keep optimum levels of stock.
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Flexibility and active listening Accompanying the customer, from active listening to the creation and manufacture of a solution adapted to your needs.
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Bexen Medical across the globe
40 Countries
4 Continents
45 Years of

Through a solid network of partners present in more than 40 countries, spanning the continents of Europe, Africa, EMEA, Asia and South America.


The quality of our products and services forms part of our DNA. We comply with strict standards in order to always achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

We are backed by ISO certification 9001:2015, Quality Management System, ISO certification 13485:2016, Quality Management System of Healthcare Products, awarded by the AEMPS and certificate ISO 14001: 2015, Environmental Management System, awarded by AENOR.

Do you need help to promote your project? Our 45 years of expertise applied to your needs.

We have a long history of working closely with our customers, complying with the most demanding health regulations. Our presence throughout the value chain sets us apart as a unique partner.

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