The most efficient deep freezer on the market.

Temperature range

Availability of the full freezing temperature range. From -20ºC to -86ºC.

Reduction of 75% of the energy cost.

Free-Piston Stirling engine, compressor-free.

Maximum safety of the samples.

Compressor-free, oil-free, maintenance-free, only two moving parts.

Savings on economic costs.

Lower energy consumption, reduction in required space, and the technical service cost. Significantly reduces the production of heat and the cost of HVAC system operations.


Refrigerants 100% natural, environmental protection and reduction of CO2 footprint.

Maximum capacity

Greater vial storage capacity per m2 of surface area.

Temperature stability

Through the continuous operation of the free-piston Stirling engine guarantees optimum stability +/-1C.

Quick recovery following door opening

More rapid temperature recovery on opening door, 35 minutes to -80ºC (when using the ENERGY STAR® method, door opening procedure).
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