Is the only portable deep freezer on the market.

Temperature range

Availability of the full freezing temperature range. From -20ºC to -86ºC.

Light and easy-to-transport design

Its light and portable design, with a weight of just 21 kg allows it to be sent easily and economically to any part of the world.

Maximum Safety

Safely store and administer biological medicinal products and vaccines at the point of patient care, in any part of the world.


Refrigerants 100% natural to reduce climate impact.

Connectivity anywhere

The ULT25NEU can be plugged into any 110 V to 240 V power socket around the world, and it can even operate on 12 V DC power with a car adapter.

Ultra-low energy consumption

Designed for space and energy efficiency, the ULTR25NEU uses less than 2.8kWh/day at -80ºC.
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